Monday, March 7, 2011

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About Air Conditioner New York

We're the premier air conditioner installation company in New York City. Out team is composed of professionals who have worked in the Heating and Cooling industry for over a decade.

We specialize in window unit installation.

We've served customers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

What makes us special?

1. We work around your schedule. We've done installations as early as 5am and as late as midnight. We have to accommodate the schedule of the busiest people in the United States!

2. Most of our installs in New York City, take no longer than 15 minutes.

3. We always offer rates below the price of major department stores.

4. We focus on one area, and we specialize window air conditioner installation. We install with plexiglass and a bracket if needed.

Contact us now, for the best in air conditioner installation in New York City. Call 917 650 6097 or email