Where should I purchase my Air Conditioner?

New York is a big city and it is difficult to know where to purchase your air conditioner. Location is key. If you have to return your unit, keep that in mind as well.

Here are some friendly suggestions for the purchase of your next unit.

THE INTERNET - Did you guys say "The Internet?" Yes. If you have the time, you can avoid the department stores and you can avoid worry about getting the unit back to your apartment. 

PC RICHARDS - There are three locations in Manhattan. The PC Richards in Union Square usually has the best selection. 

HOME DEPOT - Home Depot is a good place to get your unit. They don't have the best selection, but they usually carry LG, which is a good brand. You won't have the same selection as other stores.  There are three locations in Manhattan. We prefer the Home Depot on 23rd Street. 

BEST BUY - They don't always have the best selection, but they have good customer service. The BEST BUY on 23 is near the F train. 

Bed Bath & Beyond - This is a decent place to get an air conditioner. Limited selection and the staff won't be as knowledgeable on the units. 

Avoid Small Electronic Stores! - Why? Most smaller electronic stores overprice their air conditioners and don't know how to store them properly.