About Air Conditioner New York

Since 2005, AIR CONDITIONER NEW YORK (LLC) has been New York City's premier window air conditioner installation company.

We offer air conditioner installation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. When you work with us, you'll find out why we've become NYC's favorite choice for the installation of window air conditioners.

We work seven days a week, from 7am to 11pm. We have a flexible installation schedule, which accomadates the lifestyle of busy New Yorkers.

CALL 917 652 6097 or email airconditionernewyork@gmail.com

New Yorkers have many questions about NYC air conditioner installation . We thought we'd take the time to answer these questions.

1. What model air conditioner should I buy? Are they all the same?

No. Think about air conditioner models like cars. FRIEDRICH air conditioners are like luxury cars. They tend to be more expensive, but they work well and rarely break. You can hold on to one of these units for up to six or seven years.

There are decent LGs, Frigigaires and GE model air conditioners.

2. What size air conditioner should I buy?

Without giving you a headache or getting into any complex computations, here is what we suggest:

Small Bedroom 5000 - 6500 BTUS
Regular Size Bedroom 6500 - 8000 BTUS
Large Bedroom or Living Room - 10,000 BTUS
Living Room and Kitchen 12,000 BTUS
Living Room, One Bedroom and Kitchen 14,000 - 15,000 BTUS
My entire two bedroom apartment 15,000 and up
My humongous loft apartment 18,000 and up

3. What do I do in the winter?

Call us. We can store your air conditioner and give you a free install the next season.

4. Do I need a bracket?

According to Local Law 11 a bracket MAY be used. In instances where your management company has not enforced the use of a bracket, a professional installation is sufficient.

5. Where should I buy an air conditioner?

The closest and largest retailer in your area.

6. Have we ever seen an air conditioner fall out of the window?

We've never dropped a unit. However, we've heard stories about air conditioners falling out of windows.

7. Do we sell air conditioners?

No. We only install air conditioners. You need to be involved in the purchase of your air conditioner and pick the one that is best for you!

8. What is the scheduling process?

Just call 917 652 6097 or email us and we'll help you set up an appointment. We're usually available within the same day!