Thursday, March 29, 2012

New York City: Energy and your Air Conditioner

1. Energy Saver: Consider investing in an Energy Saver air conditioner. Especially if you have an older air conditioner that you've inherited from your parents, or you're still using the air conditioner you purchased 10 years ago.

2. Power Off - Power off the unit when you're not home. No need to keep the unit running when you're at work,. If you have pets, set the thermometer to desired temperature.

3. Lighting - Try to cut down on the light from the sun.  The less light, the better. Utilize shades and blinds to keep light out of the room.

4. Cleaning - Clean your filter once a month. This will help your unit run much better.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New York City Air Conditioner Cleaning

Spring has arrived! Talk to us about cleaning your window air conditioners! We're offering great rates! CALL 917 652 6097 now!

We'll clean your air conditioner at your home! Call now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Window Air Conditioner Power - Do you have it?

Most of us refer to the image above as a "three prong" outlet. The technical term is a 110 volt outlet and it is found in most residences.

This is particularly important for your air conditioner purchase. Larger air conditioner units, require a 220 volt outlets. They look like the following:

We've seen instances where a customer ordered an air conditioner, and once they open the box, they realize that they don't have the proper outlet. Usually resulting in frustration, because they have to ask an electrician to wire a 220v outlet and this isn't always possible!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Window Air Conditioner Installation Pitfalls in New York City

Each year, Air Conditioner New York spends time answering questions and we want to help our clients out as best we can. So we thought we'd put together a list of taboos for the season. Pitfalls that you need to avoid.

1. Don't try to install your air conditioner on your own. Sorry guys and gals. If you haven't done this before, this is not a good time to experiment. Guys, time to swallow your pride. No need to TRY and impress your lady friend or wife. You can probably install your toilet bowl, but when you want it done right, you call the plumber. A number of our clients have tried to do this on their own and dropped their air conditioners, resulting in damaged units. You'll feel better about your ego when you're laying in a COOL apartment.

2. Don't remove your air conditioner. See that AC that has been in the window for the past few months or since you moved into your apartment? Ready to move it and get a new one? What you don't know is that the person who installed it before you did it incorrectly, he used wood, glue, bum, tar, cotton, cheese, rubber cement and everything else that he was not suppose to use. You're trying to remove it and you don't know why. We've see it all. Don't hurt yourself.

3. Don't let "The Super" do it - Your super is a great guy. He can take out the trash and put your heat on. He doesn't know anything about air conditioners. So, when he installs it incorrectly, and gives you what is a bad installation, your unit can leak water back into your apartment or even worse you can wind up with a warped chassis. If your super knew how to install air conditioners, he would NOT be a super. He'd work for us!

4. Don't let the delivery guys do it. If you want to buy your unit from a location in the city, fine. Don't let those guys do it. They're underpaid and under-qualified workers who don't know how to install units properly. Call a professional installer.

5. Don't wait until June. Everyone needs an air conditioner. Just like you need a refrigerator. Don't wait until a heat wave to buy one. During the season, installation prices are higher and it is harder to get an installation.

6. Don't pay to much. Department stores overcharge for air conditioner installs. Your installation should not cost the same amount as your unit. There are occasions where special installs will cost more, but a standard install should not be the same price as your unit!

7. The get scammed in the department stores - Department store cashiers love to make you scared. When you're scared, you buy and their numbers go up. They make their quotas and you wind up with things you don't need. If your building specifies the need for a bracket, then you need one. Otherwise, it isn't mandatory.

8. Don't buy from the small electronics guy on the corner. Mom and Pop stores are good for batteries and such, but if your unit breaks down, you need a vendor who will honor the return.

9. Get a receipt and the name of your installer! Always try to leave the door open when the installer visits and ask for the individuals name.

10. Call us! No one else gives you this kind of advice! We do it because we love you! Remember AIR CONDITIONER NEW YORK!

Manhattan Air Conditioner Installation

We know Manhattan like no one else. New Yorkers, especially those living in Manhattan need service that works around their schedule. Not vice versa. That's why Air Conditioner New York works from the early morning to the late evening. 

Air conditioner installation at 5:00am you said -- Not a problem. Please install late at night, at 10:30 pm, but don't make too much noise -- Not a problem. 

The bottom line, we want to accomodate you! Need to purchase an air conditioner? Not sure which model is good for you? Give us a call and we can make a suggestion. Avoid hassles. Purchase your air conditioner from us!

Regardless of your situation, multiple units, special windows, we'll find a way to give you the solution you need!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My AC is Too Noisy! Can you help?

Your air conditioner is making noise. The window is shaking or the unit sounds abnormally loud. You stick something underneath, like a tennis ball, or something, but you know the unit is NOT suppose to make the noise it is making.

Usually, this happens when a unit is improperly installed. Your chassis is later warped and this results in a fan scraping against a location it should not. Feel free to call us so that we can address the issue. Also check out this page on air conditioner soundproofing. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have central air, can I have a window unit?

So you live in an apartment building and your central air conditioning doesn't cool your apartment adequately. You want to know if you can have a window unit installed. 

This happens all of the time. The answer is usually yes. Check with the management company for your building. Explain the situation and call us over for a visit. 

In most instances, the companies will go allow you to have a window unit, even if you have central air. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Water is dripping on my Air Conditioner! ARGH!

You just purchased your new air conditioner. It works great. Your place is nice and  cool. Then, you hear a disturbing sound. You realize that your neighbor, who lives above you has his/her air conditioner on and it is dripping onto your unit.

You talk to your neighbor and they don't have a solution.

You call us and we work with you to create an easy solution because we've seen this happen a number of times.

We install the solution. You go back to being cool and eventually become good friends with your neighbor.

You have a productive and COOOOOOL summer.

Pigeons and Your Air Conditioner

We personally don't have any problems with pigeons, but when they're bothering our customers, that is a problem.

Some of our customers have a problem with noise, other have problems with pigeons creating nest under their units, which results in a multitude of problems, not to mention it being unsanitary.

We can work with you to install pigeon guards on top of or beneath your air conditioner.

One of our customers was asked "I wonder where the pigeons go at night?"

She responded "They're living under my air conditioner!"

Contact us for a quick solution!

Need us to inspect your air conditioners?

Are you a management company that is concerned about the air conditioners that are installed in your building(s). 

This year, we're offering assessments of air conditioners. Reach out to us about assessment in March or April. 

Many individuals in the city have wood, books and bricks propped up underneath their units. We speak about this during one of our podcast.