Thursday, May 31, 2012

Buying an Air Conditioner - Which One? What size? What store?

Now that we've had a mini heat wave, most New Yorkers realize that we're going to have a very warm summer. So many people call us asking questions... so we thought we'd put together a post that will simplify your air conditioner purchase and installation in New York City.

1. What size unit do I need? What the hell is BTU? Stands for British Thermal Unit. What does it mean? Well ... the more you have, the more powerful your A/C is. You buy one according to the size of your bedroom. Here is a great chart! Look at the chart below. If you live on the top floor of your building and it is VERY hot or you have an apartment with several windows, a larger units is a good way to go. So if you live in Soho, and you live on the  TOP floor of your building, the chart below says that you should get a 10k, unit for your studio since it is 350 square feet. We advise you to increment that number by 2 and get a 12k. Poorly insulated buildings need more powerful units.

2. Which air conditioner should I buy? It is safe to say that buying an air conditioner is like a car. You get what you pay for in most instances. We recently wrote a post that discussed your best options. Check it out here.

3. Now that you know what you want... you want to know where. The problem with department stores is that they try to push things on you that you may not need. Remember, those people work on commission! You can order from our online store and save %10 on installation.

Simply visit our online store. Remember you can reference the chart above and the article above so you will have an idea of what to get.

Select your unit, purchase and schedule with us! You'll save and avoid long lines in the process!

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