Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Air Conditioner Installation -- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Summer is upon us New Yorkers. So many people want to know if their current air conditioner installation is sufficient. We want to discuss a few things that can help you determine what kind of installation you have.

The Good 

It was installed by us. We're professional installers! We specialize in installing window air conditioners! Even if we did not install your unit, it should always be installed by a professional installer. Why? A pro will look at the window frame, the air conditioner chassis and other components to provide the best install. Trust us, not as easy as it looks or we make it look!

The Bad

We classify these as air conditioners that are in the window, possibly cooling but not secure. You have a BAD installation if there is wood, bricks or a pile of books supporting the air conditioner. This is dangerous. You may not know this, but your air conditioner is not designed to be level. It slightly leans, and the water drains from the rear.

A bad installation will also have bad or no insulation. This will cause the unit to run harder, and you'll see an increase in your electricity bill.

The Ugly

This is just awful. The unit is getting ready to fall out of the window. Or even worse, you don't have the unit in the window properly!

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