Monday, March 5, 2012

I have central air, can I have a window unit?

So you live in an apartment building and your central air conditioning doesn't cool your apartment adequately. You want to know if you can have a window unit installed. 

This happens all of the time. The answer is usually yes. Check with the management company for your building. Explain the situation and call us over for a visit. 

In most instances, the companies will go allow you to have a window unit, even if you have central air. 


  1. Hello all,

    Central air conditioning used to cool the air in your home or business and remove the humidity. When compared to other types of air conditioning, central AC is unique in that one unit delivers cool air through your entire home. Thanks a lot....

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  2. When central works, it isn't a problem. However, many of the building in Manhattan and Brooklyn have older central air conditioner units. They work horribly.

    We recommend window air conditioner installation instead.